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Video of 2 cops accidentally arresting a federal agent going viral; he’s a paramedic EMT

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A clip showing 2 cops arresting a black man and then releasing him for being an undercover federal agent is going quite viral on social media. The claim states that the arrest took place amidst the protests taking place in the United States against the custodial death of George Floyd.

The captions attached to the video are surfacing with various claims.

Claim 1: “A man of African descent was released by policemen when they realized that he is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).”

Claim 2: “#USAonFIRE Police brutality gone wrong this time. These two racist cops arrested a black man not knowing he’s an undercover FBI agent he confiscated their badges.”

A wide variety of claims have been going viral with the clip, and the majority of them are primarily revolving around the protests taking place across the US, keeping reports of police brutality on black men in the loop.




While searching on Twitter with appropriate keywords, we came across a tweet uploaded by “Abdullahi” who stated that the person being arrested in the video is not an agent, but a Paramedic EMT. He further claimed that the name of the guy is Atter and the clip was shot in Minnesota’s state – Rochester.

On researching further, we found out the original video which was uploaded on Youtube. The name of the YouTube Channel is – Nikee Lado who with a similar username has uploaded it on his Instagram as well.

View video here.

The Twitter account of the same person has recently uploaded that this video is of his friend Atter and that he is not an FBI agent. He confirmed the tweet uploaded by “Abdullahi” which stated that the man being arrested is Atter. He also added that this video was recorded a year ago in 2019 and has nothing to do with the recent protests or him being a federal agent.


He replied to various comments to clarify that he shot this video a year ago and it does not in any way support the ongoing protests in America. You can check out what he has written back to all the tweets here.

Below mentioned is one of the tweets Nike reposted.

Not only this, but the Rochester Police Department also put across a statement to prove the claim, false. “The officers believed they recognized a person known to have an arrest warrant for assault. The individual was roughly the same height, weight and age of the individual the officer believed to have a warrant. Officers approached the male and asked him his name. The individual was not cooperative in identifying himself to officers. The officers determined they had reasonable suspicion to detain the individual and determine his identity. During the brief detention, identification was located showing he was not the individual the officers knew had a warrant. The individual was immediately released. Contrary to social media rumors, the individual was not a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent.”
You can view the full report here.




Kashish Arora

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