A fake screenshot of a tweet claiming Rahul Gandhi used “Cricketer” for Late Sushant Singh Rajput is viral.

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A shocking news of a fine young actor Sushant Singh Rajput broke the internet yesterday, with condolences pouring in from all, celebrities to politicians to supporters.
An alleged screenshot also became viral on WhatsApp prominently with small presence on other platform as well.

A Bengali Facebook page “News 100” made a video out of it.

“Sushant Singh Rajput is a cricketer, not an actor”
Sushant Singh Rajput is a cricketer, not an actor, Remarks by Rahul Gandhi, the young prince of the Congress”


Karuna Gopal (Spl Invitee BJP State Exec Committee |Member Sub Committee BJP National Manifesto| President Future Cities |MRICS ,UK | IVLP Fellow | Harvard Kennedy School USA) tweeted but later deleted

Deleted –


A twitter handle @PKotekar tweeted but deleted






The viral image is edited, The word “actor” is digitally replaced by “Cricketer”

Real Tweet


Zooming the Viral tweet shows a dot on ‘C’ of the Cricketer which can not appear in a regulat tweet, can only show in digital work.

Comparision –

  1. The viral tweet wasn’t found on Rahul Gandhi’s timeline.
  2. Only the word was replaced, both image shows exactly 7:31 PM on 14th June 2020
  3. Every viral fake image is exactly the same, with same red hand drawn line under the word. Rahul Gandhi is a prominent personality, so him tweeting something wrong will obviously get everyone’s attention with all taking screenshots, some from mobile, some on laptop/desktop, some using different fonts, some using dark background, but none such other image was found.
  4. Further, many people archive such tweets using various archiving websites e.g. but this viral text wasn’t found in any.
  5. Few people who tweeted the fake one, deleted it later an apologized.

Karuna Gopal deleted the tweet and apologized –



Another man Pkotekar also deleted his previous fake tweet and tweeted

A similar fake tweet screenshot was viral last month targetting actor Jaaved Jaafery

The viral alleged screenshot of actor Jaaved Jaaferi’s tweet is fake.


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