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Tarek Fatah and Madhu Kishwar tweets a 3 year old rally video of Bangladesh claiming it from Kolkata.

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A video of a rally is viral in which thousands of Muslims can be see shouting slogans and holding banners. It’s viral claimed to be recent from Kolkata, West Bengal

Viral text along with the video –

यह दृश्य कश्मीर या केरल का नहीं बल्कि कलकत्ता का है।
हिंदुओं मोदी को कोसने से पहले एक बार जरा इस पर भी गौर कर कीजिए…!


Update Nov 2020

Madhu Kishwar, a self proclaimed factarian but a serial Fake News peddler also tweeted the same




Tarek Fatah, a Twitter verified, #FakeNews peddler, tweeted a video of a huge rally claiming to be from Kolkata.
Tarek Fatah, followed by approx 7 Lakh people, tweeted:
“This is not Karachi, Kashmir or Kerala. No, this chant of “Islam Zindabad” is being raised in Kolkata, capital city of #MamataBanerjee-ruled #WestBengal !”


Tarek Fatah is a regular Fake News peddler, you can check out earlier Fake ones at the end of this article.








This is a 3 year old video from Bangladesh, not Kolkata.

Before we get into details of how we found out the truth, you should know that the Kolkata Police have called Tarek Fatah’s tweet fake and initiated a legal action on him following which  he deleted it with an apology and his tweet was retweeted by approximately 7K people and has made it’s way to various other Social media platforms too.




All clues pointing towards the Truth are hidden in the video itself. The problem is, the people spreading it just don’t want to know the truth.

Bangladesh’s Flag


Bangladesh Police Uniform

Bangladesh Police uniform. Img Source

Kolkata Police uniform, complete white. Img Source

Protesting organizations on placards are from Bangladesh –

Islami Shasontantra Chhatra Andolan, iscabd.org written on the Placard above.

Their Office address55 / B, Purana Paltan (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000

Above placard has “Islami Jubo Andolan” written on it.

Bangladesh prominent Newspaper, The Daily Star

The video is 3 years old. Following is the video of same protest but different angle

Fake News history of Tarek Fatah

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