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Was the cruel teacher beating only girl students who were not wearing hijab ?

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Although hitting children can not be justified at all but a video is viral changing discipline to religion. The video shows a man hitting some of the students wearing school uniform, coming out in a queue. The viral claim says, the teacher is hitting only girls not wearing hijab, another claim is the teacher is only hitting Hindu girls.

Tarek Fatah‘s tweet has 8200+ retweets –

“American Islamists insist that Hijab is a matter of choice. Their White feminist allies support this medieval flag of jihad. Now see for yourself the punishment accorded to little girls for not wearing a hijab.”

Madhu Kishwar‘s tweet has approx 2000 retweets –

“Only in #Sickular India— Non Muslim girls being spanked in a govt funded school for not wearing hijab.”


Ethirajan Srinivasan’s tweet has 2600+ retweets




The ‘monster’ teacher was hitting the students for not wearing the uniform shoes and had nothing to do with hijab or religion.

Yes of course, the physical assault, the beating of children can not be justified, it’s very wrong on behalf of the teacher but people spreading communal hatred based on wrong claims should also needs to be cleared.

Against the claim, one boy was beaten and two girls were not beaten despite not wearing hijab.

Look at the video closely, pause and check

The viral Fake News claims he hit only girls not wearing hijab –

– The first student he hit was a boy
– Boys don’t wear hijab.
– He wasn’t wearing school uniform shoes

Against the viral claim “teacher hitting students not wearing hijab”m he didn’t hit the girl below even though she was not wearing hijab. She was wearing Uniform shoes which is the reason he didn’t hurt her.

Below is the second girl who went unhurt despite not wearing hijab. The teacher let her go cause she was wearing Uniform shoes

In the following screenshot, he hit the girl in the middle as she wasn’t wearing shoes but the girls in front and back of her were wearing uniform shoes.




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