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A set of West Bengal’s potholes protest campaign is viral as Uttar Pradesh’s and is being defended as Chattishgarh’s.

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A set of few photos is viral in which a man, wearing a helmet, is posing with a pothole on the road. It’s viral on Social Media claimed to be from Uttar Pradesh targeting UP Gov . Claiming this to be false, many replied that the photo is from Chattisgarh targeting it’s gov in return. But both are false.

Pankhuri Pathak, Vice Chairperson Social Media Uttar Pradesh Congress Comittee,. Media Panelist INC  tweeted and posted on her Facebook verified page, two photos from the set and wrote “गढही में भी नियम क ख्याल बा, अच्छे दिन वालन क भयल बुरा हाल बा। #गड्ढा_मुक्त_उत्तरप्रदेश

Translation: “Despite issues rules are to be taken care of, people of ‘Achhe Din’ (good days) are having troubles.  #Pothole_free_UttarPradesh”






A twitter handle with the name of Deepak Rai tweeted the same images with the same text but wrote Bihar in place of UP.



Following Pankhuri Pathank’s tweet, many other have started calling her tweet to be wrong, claiming that the photos are actually from state Chattishgarh.




They based their claim on an Instagram unverified account which also clears that they got it from Google –



The photos are from West Bengal, neither from Uttar Pradesh, not from Chattisgarh, nor from Bihar.

While reverse searching, we came across a blog, posted in Oct 2019, which had high resolution copies of the same photos, and it has 6 photos from the same campaign.
We couldn’t find the name of the person who did this campaign but we certainly can tell you the state is West Bengal.

Below are the 6 photos from the campaign

From the above high resolution images,looking closely we got enough proofs that these are from West Bengal.

First image –

The number plate of the Red Tata Magic on extreme left is from West Bengal

We searched for the number, the result states it’s from Malda, Wedt Bengal

The Billboard advertisement has fonts in Bengali

The sign board on the road is also in Bengali

Fifth Image –

This has a billboard on extreme left-top with West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee’s Photo

On right side of the same photo, much is written in Bengali script

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