Was Dr. Kalam humiliated by Journalists Barkha and Rajdeep ?

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While Mahatma Gandhi still have haters, many questioned the methods of Subhash Chandra Bose, Atheism of Martyr Bhagat Singh, Dr. Kalam is unquestionably the only Indian who is respected and loved by all. 11th President of India, the missile man contributed and took our country to higher levels.

The Name “A. P. J. Abdul Kalam” is above any religion, state, caste or even politics.
So how can anyone humiliate him and get away with it, just to be caught in Year 2018 ?

Postcard wrote –
Such is the height of ego of these so-called sold journalists !!!

It was the nobility of Mr. Kalam who without any thought took the place which was easily accessible to him due to a shortage of time. But these sold- so called journalists had no regard for the honour of President. They were sitting on a chair like “Maharajas”. They pushed their conversation forward, they did not feel the necessity that they should also sit down with him or stand in his honor and ask him to sit on a chair. Even if a common man is there, we stand in his honor from the chair and here the person in the frame was none other than our beloved President, “Kalam the Great”. But these morons disrespected him.

These lame brains call themselves journalists!!!

The event was Ramnath Goenka Awards for Journalism, Year 2007. In the Video clip used by Postcard, Journalist Ravish Kumar says that on completion of his speech Dr Kalam was leaving the venue, when Barkha Dutt requested Dr, Kalam to listen to the reply what her fellow panelist was saying, so shockingly (given VIP standards) him being humble and simple, he came near the stage and sat on it started replying.

Barkha Dutt claims she and Rajdeep stood up but Dr. Kalam ordered them to sit so they did.

She tweeted the same photo on the loss of the legend.

On people asking her the question, she defended claiming while they stood up, Dr. Kalam ordered them to sit.

Now the point arise that why should we just believe her ?

The video doesn’t have what she claimed, BUT the end does suggest it. When Dr. Kalam completed his reply Rajdeep and Barkha both stood up in his respect.

You should watch the same video used by Postcard


The Same photos were posted on official wesbite of Dr. Kalam with his words

This was also in The Hindu in July 2007.

Dr. Kalam was know for his simplicity and this wasn’t hs first ot last time.

NEW DELHI: Once during an event, Dr APJ Abdul Kalamwho was then President, refused to sit on a chair that was designated for him – because the chair was larger in size than the other chairs.
This was one of the several instances where Kalam’s actions became synonymous with simplicity and humility that was the hallmark of his public life – both as India’s top scientist and most loved President.

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Pay your last respects to former President Kalam

At a convocation of IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Kalam was the chief guest and there were five chairs on the stage, the centre one being for the President. The other four were designated for the top university officials.

Noticing his chair being bigger in size than the others, Kalam refused to sit on it and offered the chair to the vice vhancellor to sit instead, according to a published account. The VC couldn’t, obviously and another chair was made available immediately for the “People’s President”.


A photo can not always tell you the complete truth, at times there is much behind it.

How a photo can be misused. Modi Ji did greet Gandhi Ji along with Abe.

whA Congress Social Media guy tweeted a Photo from Japan’s PM’s India Visit to Sabarmati with PM Modi where Hile Abe was greeting Mahatma Gandhi’s statue with folded hands, PM Modi was not but then it was just one of the series of photos. PM Modi also did greet the statue.

Coming to Postcard.news, the site is well known for spreading fake news and has been debunked many times

AR Rahaman didn’t say anything about beef.

Frahan didn’t say this on Kasganj unfortunate events.

Proud of Photoshopped Indian Flag on Israel’s Parliament ?





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