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Father of Vinay Dubey who was arrested for the Bandra mob is not Mahmood as made viral.

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A Photo along with a message is viral alleging Vinay Dubey’s fathe’s name is Mahmood.
विनय दुबे की माँ ने #मुसलमान से शादी की थी,विनय दुबे के बाप का नाम “महमूद” है! इसका नाम विनय दुबे नाम जानबूझकर रखा गया ,जिससे कि इसे हिन्दू ब्राह्माण समझकर बहुत से हिन्दू भाई बहन गुमराह हो जाये…. ये जेहादियों का महत्वपूर्ण पैंतरा है हिन्दुत्व और देश को क्षति पहुँचाने का!

The above text is viral

Translation: “Vinay Dubey’s mother married a Muslim, his father’s name is Mahmood. HIs name was kept Vinay Dubey intentionally so that Hindu brothers and sisters are fooled by thinking of him as a Hindu Brahaman. The is an important strategy by Jehadis to damage Hindutva and country”

Following the sudden huge gathering of people outside Bandra station, Vinay Dubey was arrested because of his video promising help to labour class of north India stating he has arranged 40 bus for them without charges.

Following tweet by Shiv Yadav has been retweeted approximately 1000 times.


Following post by “Pushpendra Kulshrestha Fan Club” has been shared by approximately 2000 people








This is disinformation and has been given communal angle intentionally.

His father’s name is Jatashankar Dubey, not Mohammad

As per, he is an independent candidate from Navi Mumbai, Maharastra

Further the photo viral along with his false claim is from a CAA protest at Sabjibag, Patna, Bihar and has been downloaded from his facebook profile


Shiv Yadav clarified in reply to his tweet and apologized that he was wrong but while his Fake tweet has been retweeted by more than 1100 people, his clarification just got few retweets and the reaction of people to his wrong tweet can be read in reply to his fake tweet


He also had Criminal cases filed on him

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