Photoshopped, False statement against Kejriwal in the name of Hardik Patel

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HOAX- This image was spread on Social Media
A Photo of an alleged Newspaper is Viral with Photoshopped headline “It was Kejriwal’s Plan to defane Modi by spreading violence all over the country using money from Ford Foundation – Hardik Patel”

Even a layman can see the difference between headline, misplaced image. On closer look the content is about religion change by Shankracharya of 150 Muslim families with 325 members and has nothing to do with the title. Tried the given link but is wrong. See the left side of the image closely, it has a black line and seems to be imposed upon newspaper content as few alphabets are lurking out. In headline see the right alignment of बदनाम which is crossing the border.
SOURCE – despite the basic flaw, I called up Dainik Jagran and talked to his Social Media handling guy and he also agreed but he asked me to drop a mail which I did and shall post his reply later. http://ift.tt/1OIQDNY




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Spread the truth:

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