That viral video of a three eyed baby from Germany is fake.

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A video of an infant is viral with third eye on his forehead, claiming it to be from Germany.

Claim: “A Child born in Germany with 3 eyes!”







This video is digitally edited and is fake.

The earliest occurrence on the social media we could find was a week ago, 9th July 2020 by a Chinese handle

We couldn’t find the original video clip or the location but the video is digitally edited.

From this 11 second clip we took 3 screenshots, from eyes fully open to almost closing.

Digitally, the baby’s left eye is copied and placed on his forehead.

1. It moves, blinks in exactly in same order.
2. The baby seems to be few months old but this has not been reported anywhere in global media
3. The left eye and the eye pasted above is exactly same shape wise, even the skin folds are same.
4. Eyes/Eye balls fits in a socket in human skull, which shows the eyes embedded, but on forehead, none such shape can be seen, it looks simple flat forehead like usual
5. Incidents of extra finger/limbs etc have been real in many cases but an eye is a complex machine made of cornea, retina, nerves etc,  so extra eye is unlikely.
6. It’s quite easy to do such editing even on mobile with the vast numbers of apps/software available.

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