Did Rajya Sabha pass a Motor Vehicle Act on 11th March with much higher fines ?

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A Photo of a official looking letter is making rounds on Whatsapp claiming Rajya Sabha has passed a New Motor Vehicle Act with much higher fines.

New Motor Vehicle Act passed on 11 March 2015 in Rajya Sabha.
Offence Fine

Four Wheeler

Without Belt Rs. 1000
Without PUC Rs. 1500
Without Insurance Rs. 10000
Without paper Rs. 5000
and impound

Without license Rs. 10000
and vehicle impound

All original papers should be taken along while Driving

Mobile while driving Rs. 5000
Drunken Driving Rs. 25000
Three time Memo & License japt in both two and four wheelers.
After 3rd time of such offence…license stands cancelled pan India.”

Viral on Whatsapp –

This Actually was first viral 3 years ago i.e Year 2015. Many shared it but Bengaluru Police denounced it


Bengaluru Traffic Police replied – “DearĀ Naveen Kumar Gowda, still we dint get any information regarding this.”

IPS Rishiraj Singh also shared a slideshow which now is deleted



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Spread the truth:

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