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Did Rajiv and Sonia marry according to Christian customs ?

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A Photo is viral which shows Sonia Gandhi is sitting with pen in her hand and writing something with a christian priest standing in front of him.

Manjinder S Sirsa, Member of Legislative Assembly, Delhi (MLA). General Secretary, DSGMC National spokesperson Shiromani Akali Dal tweeted

“#Throwback to Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi getting married How come @RahulGandhi is Hindu if they got married this way??”

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan tweeted

Point to be noted Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia signing documents at church to get their marriage registered by Church So how come @RahulGandhi becomes “जनेऊ धारी ब्राह्मण” @divyaspandana @rssurjewala @priyankac19 @JM_Scindia @SachinPilot Pls explain. People want to know

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There are many things which looks out of the place in the photo.
1. No credible source given for the photo
2. Someone just sitting on a table and writing something doesn’t looks like wedding.
3. In Christian wedding, the bride usually wears a white wedding gown, and The groom wears a suit. Both are missing in the photo

4. In this photo it’s not clear if the man sitting on the same table is Rajiv Gandhi

Mahendra Sirsa went one step further to defend his tweet using previous photos and few more black and white photos in which although Rajiv and Sonia are wearing a garland but doesn’t show an Hindu wedding ritual so he called this as a proof.



Truth –

Here is what he didn’t show in his photos –

Here is the old video in which they married according to Hindu Customs

NDTV Posted it in 2015

Rare, Black and White Footage of Sonia-Rajiv Gandhi’s Wedding

There is relatively little documentation of Rajiv Gandhi’s 1968 nuptials to Sonia Maino that has been made public, which is why this silent, black-and-white video from the archives of the Associated Press is a fascinating glimpse into what must have been the wedding of the year. The clip shows the couple exchanging garlands and signing official documents, surrounded by family and several important political figures of the time.In the video, uploaded by British Movietone on YouTube back in July, 23-year-old Rajiv and 21-year-old Sonia are married in a civil ceremony, he in a bandhgala and safa, she in a sari, reported to have been pink. They also cut a tiered wedding cake. Those present include Rajiv’s mother Indira Gandhi who was Prime Minister at the time, President Zakir Hussain, the groom’s brother Sanjay, aunt Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, and the bride’s family, minus her father who did not attend.The wedding is believed to have been held in the garden of Indira Gandhi’s residence at 1, Safdarjung Road in New Delhi. There is also footage from the reception, held later at Hyderabad House.Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi, who met in Cambridge, were married 23 years and had two children together. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991.


Deccan Chronicle –

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