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These dancing soldiers are not celebrating #IAF attack.

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A Video is viral in which Indian soldiers are dancing and is claimed to be celebrating Indian Air Force’s yesterday’s attack on Pakistan.

Twelve days after the Pulwama Attack, Indian Fighter planes crossed over to the Pakistani airspace in the early hours of Tuesday, 26 February and strike the Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp where a large number of people who were training for suicide action were killed.

Facebook: The video was first posted by the Facebook page- Indian Army @TheJawansOfIndia. The post got 3.6k comments, around 22k shares and around 569k views.

“भारतीय सेना की खुशी सुबह 4:30 बजे
#जय_हिंद 🇮🇳🙏 “

Translation: “The hapiness of Indian Army at 4.30 in the morning”



The Frustated Indian tweeted

Jashn! Indian Army celebrating after bombing Pakistan #IndiaStrikesBack #IndiaStrikes #PulwamaAttack #JaiHind #JaiBharat #TFIUVaach #Pakistan


After surgical strike 🍻🍻😂 Indian army Bolo Tara ra ra



The video is 11 months old. It was posted in YouTube on 20 march 2018 by the channel-

Indian Army


Therefore, the video that have been shared and re-tweeted which claims that the Indian Army were celebrating to victory at 4.30 pm is False.


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