Did the cars in creepy video crash into ghosts ?? Check out the details.

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You might have had the video on your WhatsApp by now. It’s viral showing cars crashes into nothing or into a Ghost car which is not visible. The title says “GhostCrash”

All these crashes sends shivers down the spine, looks so real, as if they crashed into something, some super natural entity which can’t be seen.

Hitesh Aggrawal posted this video on 30th June 2018 and received mind blowing 87365 Shares

Following are the screenshots from the video


This is an edited video where the second vehicle is removed. This amazing art has been done by a Italian animation/graphics artist Donato Sansone whose name appears at the end of the video

He posted it on 29th May 2018

His work has also been appreciated by a movie festival in Italy

Italian –

Programma che inizia con un regalo quasi inaspettato. Un mini corto realizzato da Donato Sansone. Che in questo periodo si
trova a Parigi per realizzare un nuovo cortometraggio, ma ricordando gli amici ha spedito a Fasano il link di questo breve
lavoro intitolato “Ghost Crash”. L’idea consiste nel prendere filmati d’incidenti tra due auto cancellandone una, l’effetto fa
quasi paura. La bassa qualità delle riprese fatte da telecamere di sicurezza viene mantenuta cancellando perfettamente l’altra
vettura. L’improvviso essere sbalzate via delle auto colpite dal nulla è davvero inquietante e inaspettato. Un’altra grande idea
di Donato Sansone che potete vedere qui.

Translated –

Program that starts with an almost unexpected gift. A mini short made by Donato Sansone. That in this period is in Paris to make a
new short film, but remembering friends sent to Fasano the link of this short work entitled “Ghost Crash”. The idea is to take
footage of accidents between two cars and delete one, the effect is almost scary. The low quality of the shots made by security
cameras is maintained by perfectly erasing the other car. The sudden being thrown off of the cars hit by nothing is really
disturbing and unexpected. Another great idea of Donato Samson that you can see here.


Further SMHoaxSlayer found out original video of one of the crashes which has the other car in it, removed by artist

Following is the comparison of the edited/fake vs real crash.

Check the following video from Time 1 minute 13 seconds which shows there indeed was a second car which was removed by the Italian artist


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