Delhi CM didn’t congratulate Delhi for a ‘speed breaker’, the viral image is edited.

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An image of a banner with Arvind Kejriwal in it is being circulated on internet recently. The banner in the image talks about the construction of ‘speed breaker’ near the Sagarpur Sabzi mandi in New Delhi.


Attached below is the tweet by Major Surendra Poonia thanking Kejriwal for this construction


Below attached is the tweet by Charu Pragya, lawyer, BJP media panelist.


This tweet is by Gaurav Bhatia, senior advocate Supreme Court, BJP national spokesperson

He tweeted with the caption “Who is the biggest speed breaker?”


Following tweet has been retweeted for more than 1500 times


The tweet below says “Delhi’s CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal must be congratulated on this great achievement”


Major Surendra Poonia also posted the same image on Facebook with the same caption.



The viral image is edited, not real.

Lately, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has been in news for his expenditure on publicity via advertisements which supports this viral fake image.

To check the credibility of the image, Google reverse Image search done showed different results.

The image is actually an edited copy of the same banner with different text put up in November 2020.

Tweet with the original image is as follows:

The tweet below is from Prateek Som – Advocate Supreme Court, National Spokesperson Jannayak Janta Party.

The tweet below says “Congratulations to all. To save everyone from the Corona pandemic, Delhi’s roads are being repaired. Special quality elements are used which will the increase the mileage of vehicles along with boosting the immunity of the drivers. This will help generate Anti-Covid plasma in your blood”

As one can see in the image below that the left hand side edited image’s clarity is very poor. Delhi Sarkar’s logo in the down is not quite visible in the edited image. The colors in the left hand side image is also very bright which is not the case in reality. Hence, it states that the image is modified for political propaganda.

This is an article published by The Indian Express which talks about the reconstruction of the Rohtak road after nine years. The time gap is huge and hence, there were banners put up to promote the initiative.

Delhi’s Rohtak Road to be reconstructed after nine years- The New Indian Express


Attached below is a Facebook post put up by the official page of AAP – Delhi on November 6 2020. In relation to the original banner.


The below image refers to a tweet done by Satyendar Jain, Minister of Health, Home, Power, PWD, Industries, Urban Development & Flood and Irrigation and Water. Govt of Delhi. MLA from Shakurbasti. In relation to the original banner.




CM Arvind Kejriwal lays the foundation stone for redevelopment of Rohtak Road. – HE Times

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sets ball rolling for Rohtak Road’s revamp | Delhi News – Times of India (

Restoration work started on Rohtak Road connecting Delhi to Haryana | Restoration work of Rohtak Road begins after 9 years, CM says | Hindi News, Region (

These are some more articles that have been published by the recognized news agencies reporting on the restoration project of the Rohtak road in November 2020.



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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune