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This video of plane is not from Pakistan Airlines which crashed in Karachi

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Claims: A viral video claims to be from the Pakistan Airlines plane which recently crashed in Karachi on 22nd May 2020. The video shows people screaming inside the flight while the flight is shaking throughout. The post claims that this was the last video taken inside the plane by a passenger before it crashed.

However, these claims are false. This video is from 2016 and not related to Pakistan Airlines.

The video made rounds on Facebook amongst the social media platforms.


The claim along with the video reads: “Just before PIA Plane crash in Karachi in Pakistan.” Certain post about the same had reached 5,600 views.


The post has been archived here.

The post has been archived here.


By doing a reverse image search from the keyframes of the viral video, old news reports dates to 2016 were found. News reports from the Mirror published on 5th May 2016, mentioned that “The United Arab Emirates’ national airline said flight EY474, which departed from its hub in the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi, was hit by ‘severe and unexpected turbulence’ about 45 minutes before landing at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The Airbus A330-200 landed safely but nine passengers and a crew member were taken to a local hospital for their injuries, Etihad said.”

CNN posted the same video on 4th May, 2016 with caption, “Dewi Rachmayani took this video from inside an Etihad Airways flight traveling from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta when turbulence shook the cabin.”


These videos show the heavy turbulence caused in the Etihad Airways flight EY 474 travelling from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta. The video has been credited to Dewi Rachmayani. Even the watermark used in the viral video is of the same outlet that CNN credited the video to, which is NET. CJ.

Even the Guardian used the same video in their 2016’s news report.


These collages below compares the viral video (down) with the video used in media reports from 2016 (up) showing that it was the same video and now it has been used with false claims.


Hence, this video does not show the last moments of passengers from Pakistan Airline’s flight which crashed it Karachi on 22nd May, 2020. It is an old video from 2016.


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