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No, the Brahman’s didn’t burn the flag in Bihar. Video is from Rajasthan’s 2018 elections.

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Acharya Pramod tweeted an image showing a mob burning BJP Party flag claiming Brahmans burnt it. His tweet, till now has been retweeted approx 3600 times

Text – “ब्राह्मणों ने जलाया “भाजपा” का झंडा…………जय जय परशुराम.”
Translation: “Brahman’s burnt BJP’s flag…….. Hail Parshuram”




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This was also viral in June 2020 claiming it to be from Bihar, people burning BJP flags after Amit Shah’s Digital rally –





The photo is from Nov 2018, before Rajasthan Assembly elections, the people burning the flags are supporters of an independent candidate, not Brahmans. It’s from Rajasthan, not Bihar

As you can see, this incident took place in front of a BJP office, and the life size poster of the man wearing a turban suggests this is from Rajasthan.


Jaipur, Bhaskar published the image on 20th Nov 2018.

Image Source: Vishwas News

सोमवार को भाजपा की पांचवीं सूची में कोटपूतली सीट पर जब मुकेश गोयल का नाम आया तो हंसराज पटेल ने बागी उम्मीदवार के रूप में ताल ठोकते हुए अपना नामांकन दाखिल कर दिया। देर शाम मुख्य चौराहे के पास पटेल समर्थकों ने पार्टी के झंडे जलाते हुए यूपी भाजपा के संगठन महामंत्री व कोटपूतली वासी सुनील बंसल व केंद्रीय मंत्री एवं सांसद कर्नल राज्यवर्धन सिंह राठौड़ के पुतले फूंककर नारेबाजी की।”

Translation: On Monday, when Mukesh Goyal’s name appeared in Kotputli seat in BJP’s fifth list, Hansraj Patel filed his nomination as a rebel candidate. Near the main square in late evening, Patel’s supporters burnt BJP party’s flag and effigies of UP BJP organization General Secretary and Kotputli resident Sunil Bansal and Union Minister and MP Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.”

Source: Bhaskar

The article has been taken down by Bhaskar but searching the text from the article above still shows Bhaskar in results i.e it’s still in Google cache

For Assembly Elections in Rajasthan in 2018, Mukesh GOyal from BJP, Hansraj Patel, Independent and Sagun Bhai from BSP filed their nominations.

Supporters of Hansraj Patel burnt BJP flags, effigies of Rajywardhan Singh Rathore and in front of BJP’s office, nothing to do with caste/Brahman



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