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Old images of floods are being shared as water-logging in Delhi due to first rain.

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Image of a bus submerged in water due to waterlogging has been taking rounds on internet, amidst the first rains in Delhi. The bus incident took place near Minto bridge in Delhi.


First Image

This below is one image that is being circulated falsely


This is a tweet by Varun Puri – State Executive Member, Ex IT-Social Media Head BJP Punjab, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Firm believer of PM Modi’s Self Reliant India



Second Image

This is another image that is being circulated



Down below is the tweet by Gaurav Goel – State Spokesperson, BJP, Advocate, Sr. Partner, Supreme Laws, Listener, Reader

Another tweet by Manish Singh – BJP MLA Candidate, Delhi Cantt Vidhansabh 2020, Ex State President – Purvanchal Morcha

This is a tweet by Kuljeet Singh Chahal – Nationalist, General Secretary @bjp4delhi, National Council Member @bjp4India, Love Challenges In life, Views Personal, RT Not Endorsement

Below attached is the tweet by Ravinder Gupta – BJP MLA Candidate Matiya Mahal 20
Gen Sec BJP Delhi State -2017 To 20
Mayor, North Delhi – 2014 To15
Deputy Mayor North Delhi – 2013 To14



Third Image

This is the third image that is being circulated with bizarre captions like – “Free car wash in delhi”



Fourth Image

Below is a tweet by Arun Yadav – Official Account of State IT & Social Media Head @BJP4Haryana,



The same image is being circulated with a sarcastic comment – “First submarine bus or world’s first under water bus launched in Delhi”, to mock the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. This is being forwarded after 1st rains in Delhi today.


This video is viral also in which the water has even entered the public bus

Ajay Sherawat (Spokesperson @bjp4delhi , National Media Incharge @bjp4India OBC Morcha.) tweeted

“केजरीवाल के लगातार संघर्षो के कारण आज दिल्ली के घरों में ही नही बसों में भी पानी।

Translation: “Due to Kejriwal’s long fights, the water has entered not only the homes but even in the busses in Delhi”



The images are real but are old and not current as claimed.

This green bus image of 2020 monsoon in Delhi. Searching the web for the image led us to various articles with same image in 2020.






This red bus submerged in water image is of the waterlogging in 2018 in Delhi





Third Image

This is three years old – 2018


Fourth Image

It’s from last year



There has been news on waterlogging in Delhi due to first rains recently but none of the reports carry the forwarded images.

Below attached is a tweet by ANI, reporting about the heavy rainfall outside 7 LKM Delhi.


This is a recent tweet by TOI reporting waterlogging opposite new Supreme Court building in Delhi.


This is a recent image of waterlogging in ring road near ITO as reported by Times of India today.


None of the reports included the Minto bridge Delhi, whereby the bus incidents took place last year or year before. Hence, the images are misleading, being wrongly linked to mock the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.



This video was viral last year too during rains in Delhi, it was mostly made viral by Congress supporters and ministers.

The video was from Jaipur, Rajasthan, not Delhi.

Congress is using videos of heavy rains from different cities targeting Delhi Government


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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune