Where minority actually is a majority !

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A tweet with a video gets a large number of retweets because it matches people’s biases. They don’t want to know the reality, source or even date or place. Or may be they are doing it intentionally, knowing it’s false.


This video is Showing a mob of Muslims attacking, throwing shoes which CCTV recorded.

Ramesh Seturaman claimed the Muslims to be a minority relating it to ex VP Hamid Ansari’s recent statement about Muslim being insecure using Sarcasm.

The video is quite genuine, this Muslim Mob is attacking an ISKCON Temple but this happened in Sylhet, Bangladesh, in September 2016. In Bangladesh, Muslims are in Majority.

A Bangladesh News Portal says –

“At least 10 people, including a former female ward councillor, have been injured in an attack on an ISKCON temple followed by exchange of brickbats and police firing in Sylhet.

Most of those injured were hit by rubber bullets police fired to control the situation, Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital physician Manoj Chowdhury said.

A video of the incident posted on the social media shows a bloodstained woman being taken away from the scene after a group of people wearing topis, or prayter hats, hurled brickbats and hit the front side of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness at Madhushaheed.   

Sylhet Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner Faysal Mahmud identified the woman as former councillor Jebunnahar Shirin.

Faysal said Muslims attacked the temple on allegation that the ISKCON members were playing kirtan using mike during Juma prayers.

The Muslims alleged the ISKCON members also pelted back brickbats.”



Screenshot of Wrong Tweet –

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Spread the truth:

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