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Viral photo of Sant Baba attending an Iftaar is old, it is from last year

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Claim: “साध्वी प्रज्ञा के खिलाफ दिग्विजय सिंह का प्रचार करने वाला संत लखनऊ में दिखा रोजा खोलते हुए .. हिन्दू मित्रोँ अभी भी समय है. हो सके तो जाग जाओ…!”

Translation: “The sant who campaigned against Sadhvi Pragya for Digvijay Singh was recently seen in Lucknow breaking the fast of Ramadan. Hindu friends, there is still time, wake up.”

A photo of a Sant Baba has gone viral on social media, with the claims that he was seen recently at an Iftaar, and that he is the one who campaigned for Digvijay Singh of Congress against Sadhvi Pragya.





Soon, a lot of people started sharing it.





Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the picture, we found a series of pictures posted by Shivpal Singh Yadav (Leader P.S.P, MLA Jaswantnagar, Etawah, U.P)


He tweeted the series of photos on May 17,  2019, with the caption, “कीर्ति शिखर अपार्टमेंट्स, लखनऊ में आयोजित रोजा अफ्तार कार्यक्रम में शामिल हुआ।” (translation: Went to an Iftar party organized in Kirti Shankar Apartments, Lucknow“.


The viral photo is taken and cropped out of a photo from this photo in the series,


Last year during the Loksabha elections, when Sadhvi Pragya Singh was declared candidate from the Bhopal Lok Sabha seat. The religious war began between her and Congress’s Digvijay Singh.

The Congress candidate fielded assorted Babas to perform public Yagnas on his behalf. “The babas that took the command were namely ‘Computer Baba’ and ‘Mirchi Baba’, they took charge to ensure Digvijay Singh’s victory through performing Yagnas.

After Digvijay Singh lost to Sadhvi Pragya in Bhopal, ‘Computer Baba’ stayed put in Bhopal, while ‘Mirchi Baba’, remained untraceable as social media was buzzing with the demand of his to carry out his vow of committing a Samadhi.”

The entire ‘Deccan Herald’ article can be read here.

There was also a news report of ‘Mirchi Baba’ also known as Baba Baraigyanand Giri, being present at a certain Iftaar party. According to a news report by Patrika, ‘Mirchi Baba’ was seen at a certain Iftaar party in Uttar Pradesh last year.


Moreover, the same image had gone viral last year with the same text,

Hence, it is established that the Sant Baba attending an Iftaar party in Lucknow is not an recent event, it is old. It is to be noted that the image went viral with the same claim last year. 

Rhea Binoy

Spread the truth:

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