Video showing an MLA attacking a district collector is old

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A video showing a physical altercation between an MLA and a district collector is being widely shared on social media.

Claim: “बिहार में भाजपा MLA का गुंडागर्दी जिला कलेक्टर के साथ कर रहे हैं मारपीट”

(Translation: BJP MLA from Bihar being a hooligan, he’s fighting with a District Collector.)


This video, shared by Shameless Era, was widely shared and viewed.




Using video verification tool InVid, the video was segmented into different image frames. Using a reverse image search on these images returned results from January 2018. The search also helped identify the people in the video, via news reports.
The BJP MLA was identified as Rajdhani Yadav, who attacked Pilbius Barla, the District Transport Officer of Latehar, Jharkhand. The scuffle broke out after Barla removed the name and designation plate on Yadav’s car, who attacked Barla after asking why he was not served a notice prior, as audible in the video.
The video was first tweeted by news agency ANI (Asian News International) on January 17, 2018.
The video being shared across Facebook is true, but it is from Jharkhand and the incident occurred in 2018.

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