TN Seshan is still alive, his wife died.

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This is viral on Social Media

“Ex Chief Election Commissioner Sri. TN Seshan, the once nightmare of many political parties passed away this morning. Yesterday his wife had passed away, A real divine couple. They had no children and since long they lived in an old aged home. What a lovely loving couple.. Pray god their soul rest in peace..”


But actually his wife died yesterday not him


TN Seshan Death News Is Fake

Chennai: TN Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner, is very much alive contrary to reports about his death doing the rounds on social media and news networks. The firebrand former CEC was known for his radical reforms in the election system in the country. Ironically, as news of his ‘death’ spread, some people even paid ‘homage’ to him on Twitter.

The fact of the matter is that TN Seshan lost his wife Jayalakshmi on Saturday. However, many of those who had tweeted about about the former CEC’s death apologized for their earlier reaction.

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