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A Fake set of photos viral as new smart fencing on our border.

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A set of photos is viral claiming to be from our country’s border.

Photos are accompanied by following text –
“मोदी जी, आप ने दिल खुश कर दिया आज हमारी सरहद पर इज़राईल की तर्ज पर स्मार्ट फेसिंग लग रही है, पेट्रोल और डीजल के बढ़ने पर अब हमें महसूस हो गया है कि हमारे पैसे सही जगह जा रहे ।”

Translation -“Modi Ji, you made our heart happy, today smart fence is placed on our border like Israel’s. Ater the hike in the rate of Petrol and Diesel, now we feel our money is being used at right place.


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Truth –

Home Minister Rajnath Singh ji announced smart fencing on 16th September 2018 only and these photos became viral just after it.

Truth of the Photos –

Egypt Border, Photo Year 2012 or before –


Indian Border, Year 2013 –


Laser Painting, US. 2013 –



King Cove Airport, Alaska, Year 2010 –

More False –

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