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Two year old BMC’s appeal to drink boiled water is viral now amidst issuing of COVID-19 safety measures.

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A newspaper clip with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) appeal is being circulated on social media amid COVID-19 precautionary measures. The newspaper clipping urges citizens of Mumbai to drink boiled water for the next seven days. The article is as follows:






The Bimbisarnagar Corporation also posted the article on Facebook in a now deleted post. The archived image can be found here. A screenshot of the same is as follows:


The viral newspaper clip, although genuine, but is 2 years old. This is not at all elated directly to CoronaVirus.

On performing a reverse Google Image search, it was revealed that this article is from a two year old edition of the

The actual newspaper clipping was available online in an e-paper format.

The Free  Press Journal published on May 6, 2018. An online version of the same article can be found here. A screenshot of the website is as follows:


Many platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn also have similar posts that establish the timeline of the article to be from 2018. The screenshot of the post followed by the link is given below:


Posted by a Facebook page called EurekaForbes in 2018 –


Find actual post here.


Find the actual post here.


We contacted BMC official and they cleared the same that there is no such city wise notice like this out yet. Although few areas are in Mumbai who are receiving smelling water are advice by BMC to boil it which is a standard procedure, not related to Corona

“Near sona hospital. Shivaji nagar
Water had smell. Improved in 3-4 days after we complained
Following areas are facing prob of contaminated water गावदेवी, यशवंत नगर… Pls drink boil water..”


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