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Was Pakistan’s flag waved in Congress celebration rally in Rajasthan ?

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A Video is viral where a mob is seen celebrating with Congress flag in hands and the other flag is claimed as Pakistan’s.

The man making the video is saying loudly

“कांग्रेस की रैली में कैसे पाकिस्तान का झंडा लहराया जा रहा है, गौर से देखिये आप, गौर से देखिये इस रैली को इसमें पाकिस्तान का झंडा कैसे लहरा रहे है ये लोग, गौर से देखो, देखो. तुम्हारी खुद की गलती है, गौर से देखो ये . भाजपा का, कांग्रेस पाकिस्तान का झंडा लहराते हुए आप खुद देख सकते है. ये चुरी की है, चुरी की रिपोर्ट है कहीं और की नहीं है. शर्म आती है मुझे इस रैली में खड़े हिन्दू भाइयों को कहते हुए, शर्म कर लो रे शर्म. तुमने ही वोट दिया था न इनको”

Translation “Look Closely how Pakistan’s flag is being waved in Congress rally. This is your own fault. You can see for yourself BJP’s (correcting) Coongress, Pakistan’s Flag being waved. This report is from Churi, nowhere else. I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed of calling these Hindu brothers that Shame on you, you voted them”


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Truth –

Strangely #FakeNews makers have always been fascinated by Pakistan’s flag. Before assembly elections, this was their favorite tool, and it’s back again. While in most cases, they usually claim any green color flag as Pakistan’s as green is the common feature, in others it’s been added digitally.

In this viral video it’s obviously is not Pakistan’s Flag as it has two white vertical stripes on both sides while Pakistan flag has only one on left. Moreover there are few shapes/mosque probably printed which also is not in Pakistan’s Flag.

Below are few screenshots taken from the video


Following is a comparison

Rajasthan Police also cleared this taking refrence from SMHoaxSlayer

Another one

This video is also viral which doesn’t have any Pakistan’s flag in sight. This video was viral in November too. The flag being waved is plain green color one.


Ashok Gehlot official page posted this video 3 weeks ago

आज यहां जोधपुर में ईद मिलादुन्नबी के अवसर पर आयोजित जुलूस को हरी झंडी दिखाकर रवाना किया।



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