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A 2016 video of people punching Trump’s dummy reappears again

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A video of people punching, kicking and slapping a life-sized doll of U.S President Donald Trump has been viral on social media. Claims was that this is how the Americans are treating their president now.

The viral video shows several people hitting, punching, kicking and slapping Trump’s dummy with a caption, “अंधभक्तो के फूफा ट्रंप का क्या हाल कर रही है अमेरिकी जनता”| When translated, it means “Look at what the Americans are doing to Trump, who is the uncle of blind followers”.


A Facebook profile named ‘G Singh’ uploaded this video on June 4 2020 and received 10 thousand shares, around 2.49 lakh views and 1.2 thousand likes.


Another Facebook profile named Sanjeev Awasthi uploaded the video and garnered 2.4 thousand likes and around 53 thousand views.



Several Twitter users also tweeted the video with similar captions.

A Twitter handle named ‘Bharat Prabhat Party’ tweeted the video with a caption, “#Modiji के दोस्त व अंधभक्तो के फूफा ट्रंप का क्या हाल कर रही है अमेरिकी जनता? ज़िल्लत की ज़िन्दगी कितनी बुरी होती है कोई स्टेच्यू पर लाते घूँसे खा रहा है तो कोई हर भारतीय भाषा मे गाली खा रहा है ! बेशर्म लोगो पर असर भी नही होता ….?” This translates to, “Look at what the Americans are doing to Trump who is friends with Modiji and an uncle with blind followers. His statue is being kicked by someone and being abused by every Indian language by other, what a shameful life! These shameless people are not even affected by this..”  The PMO, Amit Shah’s Office and Indian National Congress were also tagged in this tweet.



The claim is False. Two YouTube videos can be seen with visuals similar to that of the viral post that were uploaded on October 26, 2016. While one YouTube video was a six minute video, the other was a two minute video.

This video is titled, “Trump Dummy Knocks out extras”, while the description below read, “The presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is coming up Nov. 8th. People dislike both candidates. With Trumps rape allegations and the Hillary email scandal both candidates have problems. So we set up a Trump Dummy and a Hillary Dummy for people to punch.”

The other video was named, “Punching Trump and Hillary in Public”, while the description is similar to the six minute video.

This clearly shows that the videos were four years old and have nothing too do with the current U.S protest.


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