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9 year old encounter video of India and Pakistan ships is viral as recent

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Claim: The viral video shows a Pakistani navy ship coming very close and brushing against an Indian navy ship to damage it on the Gujarat coast. The caption along with this video clip of 3:53 seconds also few say that it was taken on 19th April 2020 (posted on that day and mentioned ‘today’).

Whereas, this video of the encounter of two naval warships is an old video shot in June, 2011.


The old video was uploaded on Facebook with the caption “Close encounter today Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS182)with Indian Naval Ship (INS Talwar) off Gujarat Coast.👇👇👇”


Here is the post on Facebook and has been archived here.

Upon searching the same caption on Facebook, multiple results can be seen.


The same video was also shared of twitter. The most attention was garnered by  Pakistani journalist who posted this misleading information.

The tweet has been archived here.


The viral video is shot in 2011 and was uploaded here on YouTube in uploaded on October 26, 2014 from where the clip was taken. The video has the caption which says “Pakistan Navy Ship BABUR VS Indian Navy ship. Pakistan Navy ship vs Indian Navy in gulf of aden during rescue of merchant ship MV SUEZ”


When compared, we can see the two videos to be the exact same.


The video shows the Pakistan Navy ship Babur (D-182) brushing against the Indian vessel INS Godavari causing damage to the helicopter nets. This was also confirmed through a news report of The Economic Times which was posted on June 19, 2011.

The report mentions that on Thursday (16th June, 2011) Pakistani naval ship PNS Babur resorted to aggressive manoeuvres and rubbed against INS Godavari. Babur was accompanying MV Suez, a cargo vessel which along with a 22–member crew including six Indians and four Pakistanis had been released by the Somali pirates, wanted to hog the credit for the escort operation.

According of the reports of The Hindu published on 24 June, 2011, the Indian warship was sent to the Gulf of Aden region to reassure Indian sailors who were on board the merchant vessel and those taken hostage by the Somali pirates.

The same was also reported and posted by NDTV on their YouTube channel on 4th August, 2011. The title and the description read “Video shows celebrations on Pak warship after it hit INS Godavari. Footage now available with NDTV shows how on June 16, 2011, Pakistani warship PNS Babar rammed into the back of the INS Godavari in heavy sea conditions. It also captures celebrations by Pakistani sailors after the incident.”


Hence, this was misleading news. An old video was shared on social media handles with wrong captions about the place of occurrence as well.

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