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A clip from 2015 movie Youth shared with false claims relating to Diego Maradona

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A video of a movie based on veteran footballer Diego Maradona’s life went viral on social media recently. The 22 second clip is being widely shared with the claims that the person in the video is the legendary footballer Maradona.


In the viral video an over weight man can be seen juggling with a tennis ball. The video is making rounds with the following caption- How do you convince your children that this was the best player in the world and achieved the *World Cup in 1986 Maradona …???



This video was shared by facebook user ‘Deb Mookherji’ on 3rd June and has garnered over 44k views and 549 shares.


This was shared on Facebook by ‘Dr. Basudev Tewari’ on 4th June and has garnered over 11k views and 264 shares.




The following video was tweeted by ‘JayLFC’ on 3rd June and has over 108.3k views and 36 retweets.


The following video was tweeted by ‘Ffs OMG Vids’ on twitter on 4th June and has over 19.3k views and 191 retweets.


The following claim is false. The video clip is from an Italian comedy movie- Youth in which the Argentinian actor Roly Serrano played the role of Diego Maradona.

The following youtube clip from 2015 mentions the movie name in the description.

A longer clip of the same movie was uploaded on Youtube. The viral clip can be seen at 1:24 minute. The clip was uploaded with the following description.

In this video at around 0:30 seconds, the actor can be seen getting out with the help of some people and has a huge tattoo on his back.

The same picture as in the screenshot was shared by the actor Roly Serrano’s instagram handle.

In an interview by ‘Al Que Pinte’ (spanish entertainment channel), Roly Serrano talks about his experience of shooting the movie.

At 8:44 minute, a glimpse of the viral clip is shown. The title of the video is -Cuando el Roly Serrano FUE MARADONA (translation- When Roly Serrano WAS MARADONA)

An article on Esquire, a london based newsletter reviewed the movie Youth.

A spanish website called Infobae published an article with related images.

Hence the following clip is making rounds on social media with misleading claims.



Spread the truth:

Avani Pai

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