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BJP’s #10YearChallenge used old images as current achievements.

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2019 started off with two things: an upbeat sentiment towards the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and the recent #10YearChallenge which has just started off on Social Media, which challenges people to post two photographs of themselves ten years before and a current one. Our political parties have taken a step forward in comparing the actions of their rivals with the same challenge.

Day before Yesterday official twitter handle of BJP Karnataka tweeted an image with “#10YearCallenge Modi style ! 😎” with “Nation with Namo” logo and by now had 838 Retweets

The image has a set of 6 photos, three on left under 2009, and three on right under 2019 explaining how much has changed in last 10 years under the Narendra Modi government.

Also, Facebook page Nation With Namo  posted the image with the hashtag #10YearChallenge.

This post has six images which show India in 2009 and India in 2019. This post has been put up on their Facebook and Twitter accounts

This post has had 4800 likes and approx 3000 shares so far.

But are the images really true to their time? SMHoaxSlayer did a detailed analysis of the images on the post and here is what we found out:


Out of three shown as of 2019 actually are almost a decade old.

Image 6 (Bottom Right): 2010

After digging extensively, this image, which is claimed to be of 2019 is ACTUALLY a 2010 photograph. These photographs were clicked on 24th February, 2010.

A small background: This photograph is a part of a set of photographs which was taken by Priyanka Parashar, a photographer with The Mint, when she had visited Bazida Jattan village in Haryana’s Karnal district The photograph has also been used as a representational image in many other articles which talk about electricity in India. This image is also up for sale in GettyImages along with the others clicked.

Location of the village:,+Haryana+132037/@29.6356577,76.95395,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x390e711b7fe1a3f9:0xb5bdc95bcefd151e!8m2!3d29.6358831!4d76.9578248

The other photographs which gave away the reality:


Image 2 (Top Right): 2011

A simple reverse image search on Google shows that this image is not from 2019, but has been used in various articles on sanitation as well, as a representational image. Moreover, the source of this image is from a LiveMint article dated 21st October 2011 which talks about Hyundai Motors building toilets in Irungattukottai village of Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram district as a Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

A screenshot of the same article:


Image 1 (Top Left): 2009

We found the source of the thumbnail. It is a screenshot from the video on VideoVolunteers, documentary by a YouTube channel which talks about open defecation in Movaiya, a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi District, uploaded on May 23, 2014


Image 3 (Middle Left): 2009

The image used is a representational image for many articles on rural life in India and energy for cooking. A reverse image search on Google, Yandex and TinEye helped us find this out. There was no exact source of this image.

Moreover, this is a representative image for this article which was written in 2013.

What Do You Have in Common with a Low-Income Indian Mother? More Than You Think


Image 4 (Middle Right): 2019

On doing a Google Image search, we found out that this image was taken out of a 2018 article from, a website which talks about agriculture, climate and governance. This article talks about Swalia Bibi, a slum dweller in Bhubhaneshwar, the capital of Odisha, and the 20th Million beneficiary of the Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana cooking gas distribution scheme, who is not able to afford LPG cooking gas cylinders because of the steep rise in monthly expenditure.

You can read the article by following this link:


Image 5 (Bottom Left): 2019

This image is a representational photograph which first appeared in an NDTV article in 2011 which talks about the usage of solar power to electrify villages in Bihar’s West Champaran district. We found this image’s source through reverse searching on Google, Yandex and TinEye. This photograph has also been used as a representational image for many other articles and journals which talk about the generation of electricity.


This isn’t the first time, last time on completion of 2 years, the official Government handle also used such fake image to show development. They used Africa’s photo claiming to be old photo of India

क्या भारत ने अफ्रीका में रोड बना दिया, हमारा देश आगे बढ़ गया ? Government is accountable and should not use wrong photos.

You can refer to the article by following this link:


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