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This is not UP Goverment’s preparation of Kumbh Mela

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A photo with tents, crowd and flood lighting is viral claiming to be UP Government’s preparation for Kumbh Mela

“जी नही! ये सऊदी अरब का दृश्य नही…. बल्कि योगी सरकार द्वारा कुम्भ मेले की तैयारी का एक दृश्य है।👇👇 जय हो योगी सरकार की।।🚩🚩”
Translation – “No Sir, this ain’t a view from Saudi Arabia, but it’s Yogi Govrnment’s preparation for Kumbh Mela, Hail Yogi Government”

A twitter id by Name शिवम् हिंदुस्तानी tweeted and has 354 retweets by now. He wrote –

Vijay Lakshmi Shukla Posted on FB –


This photo is from August 2018, Mina Valley, Saudi Arab

Similar photo from same place


Boomlive did a great research focusing on many factors, regarding zooming of the image and it’s location, Click Here for their complete analysis

12th Aug 2018 Post –


Shivam Hindustani was corrected in a reply to his tweet on 18th Nov

Shivam Hindustani, i.e. the guy who posted it, replied the following to the truth

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This profile with the name Sheetal Hindu has posted this photo in many groups

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