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Did Delhi government ask doctors at RTM hospital to pay for their own Accommodation?

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The government of Delhi on April 20th issued an order stating accommodation would be provided to all doctors and hospital staff dealing with Covid-19 patients so as to keep their families safe.

Not so later a video went viral in which a woman wearing a mask claimed that she works at the Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital in Delhi and that the government withdrew from the promise they made.


The woman in the video says that she has been posted for Covid duty since the 16th and now the government has issued a new order and asked them to pay their own hotel bills which the government promised they would. The woman expresses her concern regarding her stay and the safety of her family.

The video is going viral with the following caption-

“केजरीवाल का नया आदेश कोरोना की ड्यूटी में लगे डाक्टर खुद करे अपने होटल का भुगतान, पलट गया पलटूराम फिर से… इसके पास मोलवियो सेलरी देने के लिए पैसा है? इनकी भी सुनिये”


Kejriwal’s new order- Doctors on duty dealing with Corona patients to pay their own hotel bills. He went back on his words again…He has money to give Salary to Maulvis? Listen to what he says


The post went viral on both Facebook and Twitter but was widely shared on Facebook. This particular video is being shared from past one week.


This post was shared by ‘DrRajeev Adhana’ on 22nd April and garnered 719k views and 61k shares.



This video was uploaded by ‘अरबिन्द कुमार गुप्ता (Arbind Kumar Gupta)’ on 24th April and has over 3.7k views and 271 shares.


This post was shared by ‘Tejinder Singh Sahni’ on April 26th and garnered 1.4k and 143 shares.


The following video was also shared on twitter


This post went viral on April 25th with over 209 views and 44 retweets.


This video was also uploaded on Youtube on 19th April 2020 by a channel named ‘Book Palace’



She is not in Corona Duty as the hospital she works for is not designated as Corona Hospital

The Claim is false. Rao Tularam Memorial hospital, the hospital which the woman in the video claimed to be posted at, doesn’t fall under the designated Covid hospital and hence treats no covid patients. An order dated 31st March only had five government hospital designated as Covid hospital and Rao Tularam Memorial hospital is not on the list. The link to the government order is here

Later the number of designated hospitals were increased to nine. Here is the link to the new government list.

When this video went viral, Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain’s advisor Shaleen Mitra tweeted about this video saying it’s not true and that Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital is not a designated hospital for Covid and hence cannot accept covid patients.


SMHoaxSlayer reached out to the Senior Medical Officer, at Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital, Dr. Dinesh Chawla who clarified that no such notice was issued by the government. “When the news went viral few days ago, we contacted the concerned officers who clarified that no such action will take place. The staff is safely quarantined at the allotted accommodation till date.”

Dr. Dinesh also clarified that they are not accepting any covid patients. Any patient with plausible symptoms who visits the hospital is directly sent to the nearest designated hospital through their Covid special Ambulance.

The woman in the video couldn’t be recognized as her face is covered with the mask.

This news was also debunked by India Today

The Delhi Government continues to pay bills for accommodation of doctors and hospital staff, this claim is completely false.

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