MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan wasn’t eating meat !

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A photo of MP CM eating a meal is viral with text
“शर्म करो शिवराज चौहान, मीट मुर्ग़ा खाते हो और जनता के सामने कट्टर हिन्दू होने का दिखावा करते हो…
शिवराज की फ़ोटो लीक, 👇👇👇
“Shame on you Shivraj Chauhan, you eat meat and chicken and pretend to be a a Hindu fanatic ? Shivraj’s photo leak”

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The viral image is edited/photoshopped. the content in the plate from which he is eating added digitally.

Below is the actual image –

The Tribune

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan takes a break for meal inside a chopper during his election for the Assembly polls on Saturday. PTI

In the midst of the flight, Chouhan had a neatly packed home-cooked lunch and also shared the same with fellow passengers.

The chief minister, who remains in campaign mode 24×7, read points of the speech to be given and took a quick nap to give rest to his throat.

Soon after, he woke up to ask the pilot how much time was left to reach the next destination.

There is hardly any time for a proper sleep when the election campaign is in full swing, said his accomplices.

After having tea on board, Chouhan explained why it was important to issue a separate manifesto for women.”

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