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Is Reliance JIO selling wheat too, is it related to the farm bill ?

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A photo of wheat being packed in bags with JIO on them is viral claimed it these were ready even before the passing of the farmer’s bill.


Manoj Lubana, Chairperson, NSUI, SM | Advocate | Social Worker | Former PYC Sec. Haryana, Zila Parishad member, NC Nsui | Ex. President Panjab Uni. (2012-13), tweeted –

👉 #कानून बाद में बने है और #थैले पहले, ये #तस्वीर बहुत कुछ #कह रही है ।।।”

Translation: Law were made later, bags before. These photos are saying a lot



A post by a Facebook Page” Rahul Gandhi Fan Club” has been shared by more than 5700 people


Few more images are making rounds on Social Media


JIO is only a digital initiative by Reliance and not included in any such agriculture/food products.

Jio is solely a digital arm of Reliance, offering data, phones, digital services, entertainment, information etc.

You can read more here

Reliance on their website has given out all of their brands which doesn’t have agriculture anywhere.


Further, Usually when a brand becomes popular, many piggyback on it. They use the popular brand’s name logo to mislead people and sell their product. In some cases they use the exact name/logo or in others, tweak it a little.

I, while traveling in Rajasthan in Dec 2018, came across a shoe shop selling JIO footwear LOL

Nokia, once was world’s largest selling mobile phone brand and people did use it to sell footwear 🙂

Nokia ke chappal 🙂


See how Bisleri’s, India’s largest selling water, name has been tweaked.


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