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Old picture of buses from the Kumbh Mela are viral as arranged by Priyanka Gandhi for migrants in Uttar Pradesh.

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A picture of buses standing in a row is being viral on all the social media platforms for the last 2 days with the following text

#शर्मनाक बताया जा रहा है ये कोई जाम नहीं है #उत्तरप्रदेश मे #प्रियंका_गाँधी जी ने 1000 बस तैयार कर रखी है मजदूरो को घर पहुँचाने के लिए लेकिन योगी जी परमिशन नही दे रहे !!

Translation: “#It is being said that it is not a jam. #Priyanka_Gandhi Ji has prepared 1000 buses in Uttar Pradesh to deliver laborers home but Yogi Ji is not giving permission.”

Claim: The picture claims to be of 1000 buses which had been prepared on the order of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi for transporting migrant laborers to their hometowns but these buses were denied permission by the Yogi government.

Sushmita Dev, (President, All India Mahila Congress. National Spokesperson INC) tweeted

Deleted but archived here







The photo is of Buses in queue for Kumbh Mela, last year

The viral picture is not a recent one and it is an old image dated 28th February 2019. With the help of reverse image search, we got the source of this image on the internet.

The news agency ANI UP’s official twitter handle tweeted the viral picture along with a set of other images with the caption “Prayagraj Mela Authority, Govt of Uttar Pradesh makes Guinness World Record for the ‘largest parade of buses’ today. The 500 buses, with the Kumbh logo, covered a stretch of 3.2 km in the district.” The archived tweet can be accessed from here http://archive.is/tWjdE

NDTV also published a story with these pictures on its website. The story mentions it date of publishing as 28th February 2019.


The story says that Prayagraj Mela Authority and The government of Uttar Pradesh made a Guinness Worl Record for the largest parade of buses. The archive link of this story can be read from here http://archive.is/Ua5LI

Therefore in our investigation, it was found that the claims made regarding this image were not correct and this photo does not have any connection with the buses to be used during the lockdown of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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