Congress handle posts photoshoped image.

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On the account of World Sleep Day, Congress came out with yet another social media taunt to put down the Modi government. The tweet included a picture of the back of a truck with a rather impacting message on the truck’s bumper, “कृपया हॉर्न न बजाये मोदी सरकार सो रही है”, (Translation: Kindly refrain from blowing the horn, The Modi govt. is sleeping). It was posted from the official Twitter handle of Indian National Congress (@INCIndia). This tweet received over 1.5k retweets and more than 5k likes. But interestingly, not only this picture is fake but it has also been on the internet before.

The Truth

After thorough research, the truth reveals that the picture is photoshopped. The original picture doesn’t have any banner.

The original picture:

Madhu Kishwar (@madhukishwar) who is the Founder of Human rights organization MANUSHI posted this exact picture a year back on 20th February 2018.

As debunked by HoaXposed and Times Fact check, Madhu Kishwar was interviewed by The Print where she agreed with her post. She said “The government needs to wake up, things are not going right. It won’t do to be self-congratulatory at this time. They need a serious wake-up call.”

“These jokes have a meaning. If a regime starts becoming the butt of jokes, that’s not a good sign,” she added. Her tweet has 900 likes and 322 retweets now.

A few days later, the same picture was shared by IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt (@sanjivbhatt) hence highlighting the outreach of this photoshopped picture. This twitter post of INC was also shared on Facebook from a profile named Giri Raj Giri who is allegedly a Congress politician.

A lot of people called out Kishwer and Sanjiv Bhatt for posting the fake image. It was observed in the comments section below the post that many claimed that the picture is photoshopped. While some called out the respective people for disseminating such fake information while some just played with the situation and came up with their edited versions of the fake image.

Some users tweeted the original photo alongside the edited one to highlight the difference.

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