It wasn’t a Muslim Leader in Pakistan get killed in a celebratory firing, who just recovered from Coronavirus.

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A video of man getting killed by a bullet and dropping down dead during a celebratory firing is viral on social media. In the video, a man is seen getting out of a car where a group of people await him. One of the men continuously fires bullets in the air, later the bullet goes off accidentally as he adjusts his gun which leads to the death. The claim is that the man killed is from Pakistan and is a Muslim Leader who had just returned after recovering from COVID-19.


The video was posted with a caption stating,” A Muslim leader recovered from covid 19 returned to his home in Pakistan ..the cries of joy rose ..weapons were fired ..the patient died with an accidental bullet🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️”.  A Facebook handle named Dhanjit Giri posted the video along with the caption and received 6.6K views.


Also, several others have also posted the video with a similar caption on Facebook.


The video with a similar narrative can be seen Twitter. A Twitter handle named The Spectre posted this video and it garnered 7.6K views.



The claim is FALSE. Neither is the video from Pakistan nor is the man a coronavirus survivor. By using reverse image, an article published by Al Jazeera came up on this incident. According the article, the deceased man was a 46-year-old Sari Salem Wardat.

The article also mentioned the incident took place in Amrawah,  a town near Jordan’s capital Amman. Sari was not a COVID-19 survivor, but an inmate who was released early as the government ordered release of prisioners to avoid crowding in prisons as a method to prevent coronavirus. In addition to that, no media report claim that he was a leader of any sort.

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