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Two year old Photos are viral calming Kareena is pregnant again.

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Two Photos of Actress Kareena Kapoor is viral on Social Media showing her baby bump.
First –

“ये औरत है कि राफेल बननेकी फैक्टरी। हिम्मत की दाद देती हूँ। नवाबों का वंश जोरदार बढ रहा है तैमूर, औरंजेब, चंगेझ खान, बाबर 🤦 बढ़ाओ आगे 😂😂😂
(Is this a woman or Rafael making factory ? I appreciate her courage. Extending Generation of Nawabs, Taimur, Aurangzeb, Changez Khan, Babar. Extend more)



“तैमूर के सफल प्रोडक्शन के बाद अब चंगेज खान आने वाला है या बाबर ?”
(After successful production of Taimur, what next, Changez Khan or Babar?)

Second viral

Anil Kumar Ray tweeted

तैमूर के बाद अब खिलजी। coming soon…😜😜 साला पेट न हुआ मुग़लिया सल्तनत हो गया____ 😜😜😂😂 Good night friends…….!!



This photo is of 2016. i.e two year old. So the expected baby in the photo is “Taimur


Second photo is also from 2016 –

Further, From her recent Diwali photos. it’s clear that she is in the regular shape – 

Her Photos from Diwali i.e. 2 days ago –


Diwali Shopping

She was on Komal Nahta’s Starry Nights 2.Oh when the lady responded to a question about having a second child. She was asked when she and husband Saif Ali Khan are planning to have their second child, Kareena says, “After 2 years.”

However, immediately after that Kareena’s friend Amrita Arora said that she would like to leave the country if Kareena got pregnant again. She said:

“I have told her if she decides to get pregnant again, let me know because I’ll be leaving the country.”

Source: MSN


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