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President Kovind bowed down to his birth place, not anyone else.

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A post is being circulated on the internet to imply that President Ram Nath Kovind bowed down before Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The post has been shared on all social media sites. Many are drawing parallel and sharing the story in context to “slave mentality “. The pictures are shared on the social media with the claim in Hindi that depict a story about a district officer who belonged to an oppressed caste and how he bowed down to a priest without touching his feet.





He bowed down to his birth place, not to anyone else.

However the photo was originally posted by official Twitter handle of ‘President of India’ on June 27 when President Kovind landed at the helipad near his village in Uttar Pradesh. The photo was captioned, “In a rare emotional gesture, after landing at the helipad near his village, Paraunkh of Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh, President Ram Nath Kovind bowed and touched the soil to pay obeisance to the land of his birth.”

Further, while addressing a Jan Abhinandan Samaroh in Kanpur Dehat on June 27, Kovind said, “I have always wanted to visit my birth place, it’s been years now I have waited. So, when I got down from the helicopter, I touched the soil of my birth land and prayed that though it has been late this time, this won’t happen in the future and that I can come back soon.”





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