Did airlines advise vaccinated passengers not to fly ?

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A video has been shared on Facebook and Instagram from the Sky News show host Cory Bernardi claiming that a few airlines have notified all the travelers who have taken the jab to not travel due to the increased risk of blood clots. In the video, Corny Bernardi is seeing talking about airlines in Spain and Russia are addressing the problem of blood clots and suggesting all the vaccinated people to not travel.



The Australian senator Malcolm Roberts in a post on Facebook uploaded a screenshot of the Sky News segment with the caption, “Well, that’s another way of stopping ALL international travel; the vaccinated shouldn’t fly because they might die, and the unvaccinated won’t be allowed to fly because they won’t comply”. The post was reshared by 1600 people.


The caption on the post that was put up on Instagram says, “Please share this with anyone who is considering getting the jab so that they can travel. Still, sound like a good idea?!?!”


The Uncut News also published an article which was in the German language. The headline of the article when translated into English says, “Media in Spain and Russia: Airlines are addressing the problem of blood clots and recommending vaccinated people not to travel”.

Medien in Spanien und Russland: Fluggesellschaften gehen das Problem der Blutgerinnsel an und empfehlen geimpften Personen, nicht zu reisen


The claim is false. There is no evidence that the airlines in Russia or Spain or any other country have stated any comment on the traveling of people after getting vaccinated due to increased risk of blood clots. International airline associations said they had not issued the said advice. According to health experts, the rare blood clot that is linked to COVID-19 vaccines is different from clots linked to air travel. 

Multiple aviation bodies have debunked this particular statement. While the experts claim that flying poses no increased risk for those who have already been vaccinated against the virus. Furthermore, the WHO has also not stated anything regarding the increased risk of blood clots and hence not traveling after getting vaccinated. 

Also, the Australian Associated Press has debunked the false claim saying that there is no reliable source for the above statement.

Vaccinated passengers haven’t been grounded over blood clot fears

In addition, public health experts at Meedan’s Health Desk which is a fact checking company and host content about COVID-19 vaccine created by Science Media Centers around the world said in an explainer that there is currently no data to link an increase in blood clots while flying with any COVID-19 vaccines.



Multiple airlines and aviation groups also said the claim was false.

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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.