A WhatsApp forward claiming to offer 3 crore rupees for kidney transplant is fake.

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A message endorsing a payment of 3 crore for kidney donors is by and large circulating on WhatsApp.  Someone claiming himself as Doctor Ajay Agarwal has shared this message to attract kidney donors. He asked interested donors to fill in their personal details and send it ahead to his WhatsApp number which he mentioned in the form.


This message is mostly viral on WhatsApp


A old post with the same message but under a different name was shared on Facebook.



Threre is no such offer, organs can not be bought and sold.

The Government of India constituted Authorization Committee (AC) has the authority to approve or reject organ transplants between the recipient and donors other than the first relatives. Authorization Committee ensures that the organ donors are not being exploited for monetary consideration to donate their organs. Without the permission of the Authorization Committee, a non-relative donor cannot donate their organs to the recipient, unless he is a deceased person.

Similar fraudulent claims were circulated via WhatsApp in 2018 and a Bangalore man was scammed.


Increasing concerns over the illegal organ transplantation, the Government of India has introduced ‘The Transplantation of Human Organ Act,1994’. The fundamental duty of the organization is to regulate that the donor is not being exploited for monetary consideration to their organ.


The committee has the authority to approve or reject transplantation between the receiver and donor unless they are first relatives. Transplantation just cannot occur based on generosity or goodwill. In the circumstances of no first relative donors, the recipient and the non-related donor are required to seek special permission from the government-appointed Authorization Committee.

These Acts and rules were set up to check commercialization of the procedure and to avoid exploitation of the poor. There are many patients awaiting their turn and on list for a donor and these false claims could restore trust in them.  Cybercrime authorities have made people aware of these deceitful messages.

Hence, this WhatsApp message offering money for Kidney donation is fraudulent. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.


Deeksha Devadiga

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