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No, that fish shaped light entering the dome is not a miracle at Ajmer Dargah. Science has an explanation.

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Everyone hopes for a miracle, but here people claim to have caught it on their mobile. A video is viral showing a fish shaped light entering the dome of Ajmer Dargah.


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Although the viral video is unedited but the viral claim along with it is false.

What you saw is a result of light refraction due to rain drops.

How did we find ?
We first looked at the viral video closely and also heard the audio.

It seems someone is taking a video using his mobile and moving horizontally. A man can be heard saying “Oh, It’s raining”.

On close inspection of the video this happened just for a second or two, and along with it, all the lights in the frame moved in the same way the camera/mobile moved.

This supposed Miracle was not noticed by anyone directly as there was none. The lights moved because of refraction due to the water droplets on Camera/Mobile Lens.

We trimmed the small part, added a reverse part and sped it up, do see



An unverified handle claimed to be of the Dargah also called it fake


A YouTube Channel, Live Ajmer talked to the care takers of the Dargah who also denied the same.

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