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The viral photo of Kashmiri students pelting stones is from 2017, not Congress rule as claimed.

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A set of two images one displaying a gathering of girls students pelting stones and another of certain students holding Indian flag is disseminating via social media with the claim that it shows behavioral occurrence in Kashmir during the Congress and BJP operations respectively.





Image of girls pelting stones is not from Congress rule as claimed in viral messages. This happened under BJP i.e. Year 2017

Utilizing reverse google image search on the pelting stone image, it was tracked down to a familiar image in various news article credited to  Kashmiri journalist Farooq Khan of European PressPhoto Agency.

According to the caption on the original image, the picture was taken when a conflict broke out between Kashmiri students and police on April 26, 2017, in Srinagar.

The Washington Post” had also carried the picture in an article in which it said this was the first time in recent history that girl students joined male protesters in Kashmir.



Therefore, its clear the picture was not taken during Congress government as claimed in the viral post, but three years after BJP came into party.

Image of students holding the Indian flag


The image was broadly shared as from Republic Day festivity in Kashmir, the youngsters are wearing mask in the image which suggests that the image is most likely taken after the Covid-19 pandemic break out. A closer look at the building behind the children reveals some letters written on the hoarding Y GOODWILL S” and “DIPORA”.


The Army Goodwill School is an arrangement of schools in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh run by the Indian Army. The  images are from Army goodwill school grounds in Kashmir’s Bandipora region celebrating republic day celebration on 26th January 2021.

Hence the comparison made of both situations in Kashmir between both the images is misleading as both images are clicked during BJP in center as opposed to what is claimed in the viral post.


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