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Photo of another woman is being used to target Labeeda Farzana.

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Kindly Note – This article, despite being correct, has been taken down for some important reasons.

This Disinformation, Fake News was the based on the same strategy used few times earlier used for other women’s character assassination.

This is not the first time, such Fake News has been used to degrade women, this has became a strategy of sorts.

Just few days ago another student, Safoora Zargar was targeted using a porn video –

Safoora Zargarr, student fom JMI gets linked to unrelated pornographic viral images


Another such fake news was about her pregnancy, which was falsely claimed to have happened in Shaheen Bagh CAA protests

Viral claims about Safoora Zargar’s pregnancy and marital status are false

Theree years ago, same was done with Gurmehar Kaur

She is not Gurmehar




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