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Safoora Zargarr, student fom JMI gets linked to unrelated pornographic viral images

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Photo of a woman with offensive words written on her face and a couple making love in open is viral falsely claimed to be of Safoora Zargar.
Safoora Zargar, a 27-year-old Jamia Millia Islamia student and activist was arrested by the Delhi Police’s special cell on 10 April. She was later denied bail and was charged under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). She was a part of the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests organised by university students.

It was later revealed that she is also three-months pregnant. This followed a lot of false claims on social media related to her pregnancy and marital status. SM Hoax Slayer has debunked these claims which states that Zargar has been married for almost two years and was already pregnant at the time of her imprisonment.

Claim: A viral post links Safoora Zargar with a photograph of a woman who has ‘Fuck Hindu Rashtra’ written on her cheek. Another video of a couple having sexual intercourse is also being linked to Shaheen Bagh’s women.

However, both of these posts are false and not connected to Safoora Zargar or Shaheen Bagh’s women.


This false information was shared by an account on Twitter called @TheSquind, which says, “She got pregnant after that?”

The tweet has been archived here.



Same image was being shared on Facebook as well with more derogatory comments about Zargar.

Archived here.


Here, a collage was been shared which included Zargar’s two real photos from the hospital with one false image of another woman and a screen capture from the video of a couple.

Following video of a couple having sex in open was shared by moer than 24000 people claimed to be from Shaheen Bagh



The woman in the viral image with anti-CAA slogan on her face is not Safoora Zargar. She is a student from Delhi University but her name would not be disclosed to protect her identity.

The following collage shows Safoora Zargar from JMI on the right and the DU student on the left proving these pictures are of different individuals.

The photograph had attracted a lot of negative attention when it was earlier viral in January.

People shared a video of a couple having sexual intercourse behind a fence and claimed that the woman belonged from Shaheen Bagh. After reverse-image search of one of the keyframes from the clip reveals that a pornographic video is being used to discredit Shaheen Bagh and the women protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Below the screenshot of the tweet from 2018 which includes the same video.


Same video was found on an Arabic website anotepad.com, uploaded on 10 July 2018.


This proves that the video has no links with any women from Shaheen Bagh as the protests there started since December 2019.

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