A 2017 video of Chinese cops brutally slamming down a woman with baby in hand is viral as recent.

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A video is viral where a woman with baby in arms is seen brutally slammed down by cops.
Viral Text: Meanwhile, This brutality in China is ignored by liberals, because, China has a guilt free pass.

Times of India published this video as “undated”



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The viral video is almost 3 years old i.e. 2017

This video probably has been selected and made viral given the current scenario. With COVID-19 Pandemic allegedly been spread by China and the US cop killing a black man George Floyd by stepping on his neck, this video can be related to both incidence.

There had been uncountable such incidents, be it in India or abroad. Police have been using force or attacking citizens brutally but if it’s about a religion or race it gets viral. Recently few video were viral too for e.g. two cops mercilessly beating a man with their sticks who fell down unconscious and loaded him in their jeep.

A disturbing video involving a police officer and a woman has been circulating over the Internet. In the video, which was filmed in Shanghai on Friday, a woman was holding a toddler as she argues with the officer. She pushes the policeman who in return throws her to the ground. She falls and the child hits the pavement hard. A police statement said the argument started because of a parking violation. The police officer has been suspended from all duties. The child and woman were sent to hospital and did not suffer any serious injury.” – CGTN

Source: CGTN

Shanghai’s police department has punished an officer who shoved a woman and the toddler she was holding to the ground in an incident captured on video, sparking a torrent of criticism online.

It follows another incident when police in northern China detained a man for complaining about the food at a hospital, which drew widespread condemnation on the internet. The detention was later ruled inappropriate and several officers were punished, state media reported.

The latest fracas happened on Friday when a Shanghai police officer, whose full name was not given, issued a ticket for illegal parking to a woman, an online statement from the police said on Saturday.” – SCMP

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