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A 3 year old photo of an old lady sitting on the road wearing an oxygen mask with cylinder beside her is viral now

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A photo of an old lady wearing an Oxygen mask sitting on a road with an oxygen cylinder lying beside her is viral relating to the ongoing #Corona Pandemic.


Verified Facebook pages under WB CM Mamta Banerjee’s name  have posted the photo.

Banglar Gorbo Mamata



Didi Ke Bolo



Aarif Shah’s tweet has been retweeted by 100s of people





This photo is three years old, not related to current Corona Epidemic.

This photo is from April 2018, Agra, UP.

ANI Reported –

Medical apathy! Man awaits ambulance while carrying mother’s oxygen cylinders on shoulder

Agra (UP), Apr 07 (ANI): In yet another case of medical apathy, a man was allegedly made to wait for an ambulance at Uttar Pradesh’s Agra Medical College, while carrying oxygen cylinder attached to his ailing mother, on his shoulder. A video of the medical apathy went viral where the woman was seen standing in the hospital premises with her oxygen mask on, while her son was standing next to her holding her oxygen tank. The mother-son duo waited for a long time for the ambulance, but the vehicle was a no-show. However, hospital authorities denied the allegation while assuring action in the matter.

Indiatimes reported


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