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Viral illustrative of 1962’s Italian magazine claims to show what world would look like in 2022

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On the grounds of coronavirus pandemic, when governments from all across the world are stressing over how crucial following the norms of social distancing is, an Italian magazine picture from 1962 pops up and gets widely circulated claiming to show what the world would look like in the future, especially 2022.

This picture has surfaced primarily on Twitter and has a caption attached to it which reads “In 1962, an Italian magazine published a story about what the world could look like in 2022.”




As per our investigation, we found out that the image that has been made viral is right but the context that has been added to it is false. This means that the caption attached to it is way different than what this picture was originally put across and used for.

On checking, we came across an Italian weekly newspaper called La Domenica del Corriere which published this picture on the back cover of their edition of 16th December 1962. The caption added to this picture is in Italian but the rough translation of the same states – Are we going to go around the cities in this manner? Here is how we can decrease the traffic of our cities if can’t resolve the issue completely from the roots.

Unlike the claim that is being made viral, the illustrator of this image did not in any manner or anywhere write or depict that this image is shown to demonstrate how the world would look like in 2022. This art was all about traffic issues and how they can be reduced. It threw light and primarily revolved around the usage of “single-seater cars” for reducing the problem of traffics as such vehicles are prone to use less space.

Here is the original article along with the illustration:

You can read it here.



Kashish Arora

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