It’s a stone or a flower ?

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The Irony is double !. The printing on tshirt is an Art by Bansky which says, don’t throw stones, throw flowers, which means the art is against violence & stone pelting.
Truth: http://www.stencilrevolution.com/banksy-art-prints/rage-the-flower-thrower/
1. https://www.facebook.com/pradhanjii/photos/a.1446150638949355.1073741828.1446146818949737/1894886890742392/?type=3
2. https://www.facebook.com/iSupportNamo/photos/a.391002257587533.86642.390976557590103/1515942611760153/?type=3

“Rage, Flower Thrower, by the artist Banksy is a painting of a man wearing a kerchief and baseball cap throwing a bouquet of flowers. The man and the flower wrapping are done in black and white; the flowers and the stems protruding from the wrapper are in color.
The image is reminiscent of images from the 1960s campus and street riots. There is anger and frustration in the posture of the man, bombing the establishment with flowers. The flowers themselves, done in color, show a hope for peaceful resolution of our conflicts. Simply put, wage peace. A very interesting canvas art print to say the least.” This is also used as merchandise, printing on tshirt, & Common Sense says a thief doesn’t wear a t-shirt saying “Yes, I’m a thief” https://www.facebook.com/SMHoaxSlayer/photos/a.147357335599672.1073741828.140690692933003/429460980722638/?type=3

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