No, Singapore did not change the treatment protocols or claimed that Covid-19 is bacterium

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A post going viral all over internet claiming that Singapore performed autopsy on Covid-19 patient and has found the treatment for Covid-19. Aspirin is the drug they are prescribing. They also said that Covid-19 is actually a bacterial disease.

Down below is a Facebook which claims a lot of stuff. The starting two lines claim that Covid-19 is a bacterium and that it is exposed to radiation and causes human death from blood clotting. It further says that Singapore’s Ministry of Health changed the treatment protocol and gave positive patients aspirin.





Since the post quoted Singapore’s Ministry of Heath, we crosschecked whether any such information have been passed on by them. During the process we found out that the news is fake and no such claim have been ever made by Singapore.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health on its official Facebook page posted the clarification for the same.


Along with this World Health Organization – WHO has already declared that Covid-19 is a viral disease and is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.



The fact checking online site Fact Crescendo also posted on twitter that the information is misleading

Below is a post by Namibia Fact Check proving that the information in the post circulated is fake and no such thing was ever said by Singapore.


The prescription of aspirin drug is also a false news that got circulated before as well and was proven not accurate

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Covid-19: Aspirin doesn’t help patients survive in large, says UK study (


Previously similar claims were made for Russia which were proven to be fake – Fact Check-COVID-19 does exist and autopsies in Russia did not show otherwise | Reuters


These are some other sites revealing the post to be fake:

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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune