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Old image resurfaces claiming Jamaat members were beaten up by police after misbehaving with nurses

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A photo of a man with marks of brutal beating on his back is viral with the text in the image which says A man in Uttar Pradesh who attended the Tableeghi Jamaat was in quarantine, after finding a nurse beautiful, he stripped in front of the nurse, then he and the other two people were beaten by the police and the case was registered on them.



The post has been shared for over 1000 times on Facebook and liked by over 6000 people.



The same image was used various times on Facebook, to highlight the police brutality on the migrant labour who started walking on foot to their hometown due to the lockdown, 



The image was also shared on Twitter with the same intent,






The photos are neither related to Corona, nor Tabligi Jamaat, not even India

Upon doing a Google reverse image search, it led us to a Facebook post, where the image has already existed since 16th July, 2019. 

The image was also wrongly used and made viral in Malaysia with a audio clip, it was claimed that the Armed Forces soldiers assaulted a boy while enforcing the movement control order.

The Star, a Malaysian newspaper later published a report that the Armed Forces had rubbished the statement and that the image is originally from Bangladesh.

While, the second photo which is being circulated with this image, is claimed to be from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The reverse image search led to a tweet that was posted in 2018. The tweet claimed that the traffic police beat a rickshaw puller.




It is also to be noted that the female nurses working at the Ghaziabad Hospital had written to the chief medical officer (CMO) stating that some quarantined ‘Jamaat’ members made ”obscene gestures, listening to vulgar songs” and ‘misbehaving’ with them. Deccan Herald published a report in which it said that the Jamaat members have been shifted to another hospital after the complaint was lodged. The UP government has also decided to deploy only male nursing staff where the Jamaat members have been quarantined.

Hence, even though the news might be true that the Jamaat members have misbehaved with the nursing staff, the images that are being circulated claiming the police beat them up are old and not related to the news at all. 


Rhea Binoy

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