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Old photos of a function by Delhi government is being questioned for absence of masks.

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A photo is being tweeted by Delhi BJP prominent people, questioning it, as while Delhi government has names Rs. 2000 as penalty for not wearing a mask for common man, and allowed only gathering of 50 people, why they themselves have invited 100s of children in a function without masks, making them prone to catch COVID19 virus.


Official @twitter Profile of Naveen Kumar Head Media Dept. @bjp4delhi #Spokesperson tweeted –

दिल्ली सरकार के मंत्री @kgahlot जी कम से कम सिविल डिफेन्स के बच्चों के चेहरे पर मास्क तो लगवा देते #COVID19 को बिलकुल हलके में ले रखा हैं आपने तो ,न तो कोई सोशल डिस्टेंस हैं न किसी के चेहरे पर मास्क हैं | 2000 रु का चालान क्या सिर्फ आम जनता को परेशान करने के लिए हैं क्या..?

Translation: “Delhi Government Minister K Gahlot should at-least have put masks on children of civil defense. You have taken COVID19 very lightly, neither maintained social distance, nor is there a mask on anyone’s face. Is Rs. 2000 fine only to annoy common people ?”


Khemchand Sharma, Spokesperson:@BJP4Delhi ।।Member BJP National IT/SM Campaign Committee 2019।। Software Architect।। ExCon. Samvadcell, tweeted –

“दिल्ली सरकार के मंत्री @kgahlot जी सिविल डिफेन्स के वालंटियर्स को #COVID__19 से बीमार कर #coronavirus को दे रहे हैं बढ़ावा! मीटिंग में न तो #SocialDistancing थी न किसी के चेहरे पर मास्क हैं।

@DelhiPolice :2000 रु का चालान सिर्फ आम जनता के लिए नही है मंत्री जी पर कार्यवाही करें।”
Translation: “Delhi Government’s Minister, K Gahlot is making civili defense volunteers sick and promoting coronavirus. In the meeting, neither is there any social distancing, nor a mask on any one’s face. 
Delhi Police, Rs 2000 penalty is not only for common people, kindly take action on the minister.”


Barkha Shukla Singh, Vice President @bjp4delhi | Former President,@DelhiPMC | Former Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women | Ex-MLA, R.K. Puram | Women Rights Activist tweeted –

Delhi AAP minister @kgahlot flouting all norms of COVID 19 while giving speech to self defence volunteers, no one can be seen wearing masks, no social distancing, the capacity of the hall is full! Request Delhi police to take strict action against this! @blsanthosh






The photo in question is more than a year old. i.e. Before Corona pandemic spread in India.

The Delhi Minister they are blaming, K Gahlot, himself tweeted these photos on 28th October 2019.

He wrote Historic Day for Delhi. With Hon’ble CM @ArvindKejriwal inaugurated the Training & Orientation of Newly Inducted Bus Marshals in DTC & Cluster Buses & announced for Free Travel for Women in buses from 29.10.19. This is the first of its kind model of Bus Marshals in the world


He tweeted the same photos again 2 days ago as International Volunteers Day, remembering that event and thanking all civil defense volunteers. So people questioning these photos, took from this tweet without checking.


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